Ch. Cassbar Glamoor Imagine This FM, MADC, AGDC, MJDC, AAD, SJ, AJ, JM, SG, SS, AS, SR, EAC, OCC, O-OJC, O-TN-E, TG-0, Novice Versatility

Glenmorris Double Cream x Ch. Amberlyn's Caught Bi Surprise FBDCH

RORY HAS GONE MAD! Congrats to Carla his mommy handler on such a great job at achieving this title for Rory! RORY or as we all know him as "Duder" is great little working dog, but loves to get in a good cover shot every once in a while too. Like his mom OREO has the look at me attitude wherever he goes.

He is the only kid of Ch. Oreo, and he finished up his Ch. very easily at a young age.

He is a "Far Out Frisco" Grand son.

Owners: Jeff & Carla Mortensen Brandon, Manitoba